A house with Skyrad fitted – the solar panels on the roof provide heating & hot water, whilst the insulation has been covered with high quality render.

    The wall on the right has had Skyrad insulation applied – the brick slips on the outside make it almost identical to the existing walls. The solar panels are out of shot.

    Skyrad is a patented solar heating system that fits to the outside of your house.

    Skyrad uses heat from the sun to provide up to 80% of your house’s energy needs for heating and hot water.

    Installing Skyrad involves putting solar panels on your roof, applying Skyrad insulation to the outside walls of your house, and installing heat storage and control systems. The process takes as little as a week and generally costs from £12,000 and £25,000 depending on the size of your house.  For more details on costs and payback periods, please see Payback and Performance

    For more information on Skyrad, you can download our brochure