Skyrad consultants are all highly experienced engineers and mathematicians, with experience ranging from designing software for engines to creating models of global financial systems.

We help clients in a 3 step process. Often we work on only one or two elements, but can also cover the complete range where required:

  1. Framing the issue
    • Helping define the problem to be solved
    • Shortlisting potential solutions
    • Identifying technical and commercial opportunities and barriers
  2. Designing solutions
    • Modelling potential solutions
    • Prototyping solutions
    • Running test programmes
  3. Implementing solutions
    • Creating scaleable implementations


Skyrad Telematics

We have applied our inventiveness and expertise to some of the leading technologies for risk reduction and telematics. Let us show you how our remote monitoring and telematics systems can help reduce your insurance risk.


Skyrad Energy

At Skyrad we have a deep understanding of energy usage and control systems.  Whether you are looking for advice on how to sympathetically improve the efficiency of a complex and hard to treat building, or whether you are looking for the latest in usage monitoring and control systems, we look forward to being able to provide solutions for your requirements.


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