What is LeakBot?

Skyrad are proud to be the inventors of the 100,000 unit+ LeakBot, the world’s first clip-on, remotely connected water leak detector.

Skyrad invented the unique sensing technology in LeakBot, and working with HomeServe Labs has brought it to market.

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LeakBot’s sophisticated sensors will detect leaks anywhere in your home’s water supply, and it can pick up leaks as small as 3ml/minute; that’s 1 drop of water every 5 seconds. Once it has detected a leak it alerts you via your mobile phone, and can automatically schedule a plumber to visit at a time that suits you.

LeakBot has won multiple industry awards.

LeakBot has featured in the global press.

Water damage

Water damage is the single largest cost to home insurers. The majority of this damage is done by small leaks, which will often go undetected and gradually grow until wood rots or a ceiling falls in, resulting in several thousand pounds of damage, and part of a home unusable for months during the reparation work. If a leak can be detected when it first develops, it can be fixed by a plumber in minutes, potentially saving thousands of pounds – up until now however, there was no cost effective way of detecting a small water leak without a plumber installing a complex, mains powered device. This is why LeakBot is revolutionary; for the first time a device exists that can reliably detect even the smallest water leaks, can be fitted by a customer themselves and can remotely alert a control room as soon as it detects a leak; all for around the same price as a fire alarm. LeakBot represents a major step forward in home insurance underwriting cost reduction, providing unparalleled risk reduction in the field of water damage. At the same time, LeakBot’s unique wireless communication technology has the capacity to connect millions of homes to the ‘Internet of things’ for the first time, moving Connected Home out of the early adopter stage, and making it a reality for the mass market of UK consumers.


Skyrad is a London based engineering company, specialising in energy saving and Smart Home devices. We work from initial feasibility right through to product delivery. We specialise in communications, pattern recognition and data analytics, and look to use technology, methodology and best practice developed in the machine learning, automotive and defence industries to make breakthroughs and develop new inventions and IP in other fields.

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