Skyrad Core Team


Dr. Samuel Bailey

Sam has an extensive theoretical and practical knowledge of control systems and engineering.  He holds a masters in Engineering Economics and Management from the University of Oxford and a PhD in control engineering from University College London.  He has worked at Ford, Delphi and Motorola, where he was responsible for delivering designs for embedded control systems for engines, steering, heating, cooling and telematics.  He has also spent several years modelling risk, and is a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, the UK’s professional association for insurance and risk analysts.  He has a deep knowledge of mathematical modelling software and is a regular presenter at industry events.

Sam has invented a number of different products and systems and has over a dozen patents to his name.

Sam was inspired to create the Skyrad heating system to help address the enormous amount of energy wasted in heating the UK’s ageing housing stock. Frustrated by the tendency of houses to be too cold, or to overheat, he realised the solution was to create a building which can control whether it absorbs, stores or rejects heat. Using his expertise as a control engineer he designed Skyrad as a system that could do exactly that, and still be retrofitted to period houses. So far, he’s been astonished by its effectiveness. [LinkedIn]


Dr Greer Gray

Greer joined Skyrad in 2016. She has experience developing algorithms for a variety of applications from automatic target recognition and tracking to fuel injection systems. Previous roles include post-doctoral research at Cranfield University, and systems engineering at Delphi Diesel Systems. Greer holds a Master’s degree in control systems from City University London and a PhD in computer vision from Cranfield University. Her interests include intelligent systems, object recognition and tracking. [LinkedIn]


Philip Yorke

Philip joined Skyrad in 2013. He holds a Master’s degree in Energy and Environmental Engineering from the University of Cambridge, where he specialised in building efficiency. He has done placements at both Mott Macdonald and the Technical University of Dresden, and has 2½ years of experience of working with, and growing, start-up companies at the boutique corporate advisory firm Ashcombe Advisers.

Phil has project managed the development of the Skyrad smart sensor technology, and has spoken at industry events on energy efficiency


Isobel Leaviss

Isobel joined Skyrad in 2010.  She is an experienced risk analyst and project manager having had a wide ranging career in financial services and urban regeneration. Previous roles include working as a Bank of England regulatory analyst, an Associate in the Goldman Sachs Credit Risk and Advisory Department and as Programme Director for the London Olympic site assembly.  Isobel has a Degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University and an MBA with distinction from the University of Chicago.


Ben Windsor

Ben joined Skyrad in summer 2018.  He has experience of algorithm development, software engineering and cloud computing, previously working for Cambridge Consultants on projects across a range of different industries. Ben has worked on a variety of location and tracking algorithms, data analysis techniques and data visualisation. On the software side, he has created scalable cloud based solutions for data processing and websites, and has set up automated continuous integration/deployment pipelines. Ben has a Masters degree in Maths from the University of Cambridge. [LinkedIn]


Lewis Maxfield

Lewis joined Skyrad at the start of 2019. [LinkedIn]


Skyrad Advisors


Nick Gillett

Nick has been working with Skyrad since 2010. Nick is a technology journalist and entrepreneur, who co-founded marketing and development company Tangent Labs and secured major contracts with SAP, Nike, the Labour Party, HarperCollins and HSBC.