Whether you are a private landlord looking to upgrade your property portfolio, a Housing Association trying to help vulnerable tenants, or a Council looking to lead the way on carbon reduction commitments, Skyrad could be the technology for you.

Skyrad requires no extra energy supply. No upgrades to power distribution and supply networks. No biomass pellets.

Because it is applied to the outside of buildings, Skyrad can be installed with minimal disruption for your tenants. Skyrad’s highly efficient design will future-proof your housing stock and, when combined with some of the substantial grants and funding schemes available, can generate a highly competitive rate of return.

Skyrad offers a bespoke planning and installation service for councils, housing associations and private landlords. We are happy to discuss the feasibility of installing Skyrad on your housing.

To read about our work with Birmingham City Council please see the Case Studies page.

For a fuller picture of the funding you could receive, please see the Grants and Schemes page.

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