Skyrad meets the technical standards to apply for funding from a number of different schemes, as well as to comply with incoming energy regulation.

Funding Schemes:

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

Run by Ofgem, the domestic version of the Renewable heat incentive for householders proposes that people who install Skyrad on domestic properties are eligible for a payment of 17.3p/kWh of solar heat generated, for 7 years. For a larger property with Skyrad fitted, this would give you a grant of £1000 -£1100 per year. Any qualifying system installed after 2009 will be eligible for the scheme. More Information


The non-domestic Renewable heat incentive is currently open to operators in the non-domestic sector. It provides long term (up to 20 year) fees for heat generated through renewable methods. Currently you could receive 9.2p/kWh for heating generated with a solar collector if you are eligible under the scheme. Details are given on the Ofgem website.


Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP)
Solar Thermal systems such as Skyrad qualify for a one off payment of £600. More Information


Green Deal and ECO
Skyrad is being approved for the Green Deal and ECO. As Skyrad combines both insulation and solar thermal, it can qualify as a measure under the Carbon Saving Obligation and the Carbon Saving Communities Obligation as well as the RHI. This can provide a substantial up front subsidy, as well as the ongoing RHI payments. Please contact us for details regarding your specific project.