Central Heating breakdowns are a frustratingly frequent occurrence. One home in every two each winter experiences a fault with their heating system. This usually leads to the familiar cycle of waking up to a freezing cold shower and an icy kitchen, followed by the inevitable day off work waiting for a heating engineer to turn up with the wrong parts.

To help tackle this, Skyrad developed HeatDoctor and launched it in conjunction with leading Home Emergency Service company HomeServe plc.

HeatDoctor works by talking to your thermostat remotely over the internet, and analysing the patterns in the temperature of your home to give an early warning of central heating breakdowns. These warnings are then sent via a text message, alongside AI generated advice on how to fix the problem yourself a self-fix is possible, or if a repair technician is required, automatically generating an appointment.

HeatDoctor detects more than 90% of heating faults before the consumer notices a problem.