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Working in conjunction with the Carbon Trust, Skyrad installed their solar heating system on one half of a house, so that it could be tested and compared to the other half as a control. In late Autumn, the central heating in the house was switched off to see how Skyrad performed.  The Skyrad solar heating system working by itself kept the treated half of the house at a steady temperature of between 19 ̊C and  21 ̊C.  By comparison, the temperature in the unheated part of the house without Skyrad insulation dropped to  13 ̊C.

This showed that Skyrad was able to keep the temperature of the house at least  6 ̊C higher than it would have been with no heating, and that it rendered central heating superfluous in typical autumn conditions with the outside temperature fluctuating near freezing

Performance Graph

Total Reduction in Heat Energy required over 12 months when scaled for the a full detached house: 22,763 KWh.

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